Therapy and Workshops


Therapy and Workshops

Amanda Ingram, LCSW, CAC III and Pauletta

Pawsitive Therapeutic Interventions, LLC (PTI) offers a method to enhance therapy with adults, teens, and children. Amanda Ingram, LCSW, CAC III offers training for other mental health providers to learn how to incorporate a therapy dog into their practice. Amanda also provides outpatient canine assisted therapy for children, teens and adults.

The mission of our seminars are to ensure therapists are aware of the human/animal bond and its ability to enhance the therapeutic relationship with the client. The mission for our outpatient clients is to provide comfort while doing experiential therapy when traditional talk therapy isn't your learning or attachment style. 

For example: Through teaching therapy dogs a new trick, the client can learn patience, distress tolerance, assertiveness, problem solving skills, emotional regulation, healthy communication skills, and much more!

Canine assisted therapy workshops

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